Best Budget Reverb Pedal

A look at some of the best reverb pedals for under £60.

by | Aug 6, 2018

We take a look at 10 of the best budget reverb pedals for under £60. There are some great pedals out there for this price range so rest assured you can get the reverb pedal that you need and for your budget. The top rated pedal on this list is the Marshall RF-1 Reflector, scroll down for more on this.

This is the first in our budget guitar pedals posts, you can check out our best budget distortion pedals here or our best budget delay pedals here.

There has been in influx of Chinese effects pedals over the recent years, meaning costs are lower but that doesn’t mean that they compromise with build quality or components, and we will add a few of these to this list. You can see a great explaination of reverb pedals on this post from our friends at Roland here. Let’s jump right in and look at the best budget reverb pedals…

Here are the top 8 budget reverb pedals

Marshall RF-1 Reflector

Great pedal from a trusted name in the industry.

TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb

Vintage style reverb based on legendary spring technology

Behringer DR600

Behringer have made a pedal that sounds like one 3 times the price

Ammoon ENO

Compact reverb pedal with metal chassis and good selection of sound

Biyang RV-10

Analogue style pedal with German capacitors

JOYO JF-317 Space Verb

Space reverb in a compact metal chassis. Solid construction

Donner Verb

7 Mode effects with a digital circuit design. Metal chassis

Ammoon Spring Reverb

A mini sized pedal with a big sound and great looks.

Marshall RF-1 Reflector

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Product Description

While Marshall are known for the amps, which have been used by some of the greatest bands of all time, they also make some great pedals, with the RF-1 Reflector being their flagship reverb pedal.

Providing 6 reverb types, Hall, Plate, Room, Spring 1 & 2 and Reverse, you are sure to find the perfect sound for any given situation or need. 

Made with a sturdy metal chassis and classic looking metal knobs, this is as great to look at as it sounds. It’s important that pedals can stand up to heavy gigging and this won’t disappoint, these are made to last.

Overall this is a superb pedal, from a trusted name and one that should be high on your list and a definite contender for best budget reverb pedal.

  • 6 Reverb Types (hall, plate, room, spring 1 & 2 and reverse)
  • Multi-mode selector switch
  • Damping and Level Control
  • Expression Pedal Output
Pros and Cons

Great brand name

√ Solid chassis will last years

√ Awesome sounds


× Some may not like the styling

  • Design 97%
  • Functionality 98%
  • Cost 90%
  • This Sound Rating 95%

TC Electronic Drip

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Product Description

The TC Electronic drip harks back to the glory days of Californian amp spring reverb sounds. Think of bands like the Shadows and you are on the right track.

Featuring Dwell, Mix and Tone knobs, it’s easy to dial in that retro reverb sound that we all try and emulate.

Metal chassis construction, this pedal is built to last, and is also a beautiful thing to look down on either on stage or in your home set up.

TC Electronic make great pedals that just work, and this should be high on your list when it comes to your pedal board. 

  • 3 knob interface
  • Metal chassis
  • Californian retro sound
  • Battery or 9v power
Pros and Cons

Fantastic retro look

√ Solid metal chassis

√ Great brand


× Not a vast array of settings

  • Design 94%
  • Functionality 84%
  • Cost 85%
  • This Sound Rating 87%

Behringer DR600 Digital Reverb 

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Product Description

Behringer have been mainstays in the budget audio equipment market for years now, and there’s a reason they are still around, they make great gear at ridiculously low prices. The DR6000 is yet another in their long line of effects pedals and we think it should make this list purely down to value for money.

Comparable to start of the art processors, the DR600 has a sound befitting of a much higher priced unit. The price is kept down due to a plastic construction, but don’t let this put you off, i’ve had Behringer pedals for years and they last just as good as metal chassis ones.

Featuring mode, time, tone and level controls, it’s easy to dial in the exact amount of reverb and the exact sound you need.

For the price, you are unlikely to find a better reverb pedal, one that stands up against even the most well known and pricey pedals out there.

  • Mode, time, tone and level controls
  • 24 bit high resolution stereo reverbs
  • Spring, plate, hall, gate and room modes
  • Battery power
Pros and Cons

High resolution reverb

√ Dependable name in budget gear

√ Very low cost for what it is


× Plastic construction may put some people off

  • Design 83%
  • Functionality 95%
  • Cost 97%
  • This Sound Rating 92%

Ammoon ENO 

Check price on Amazon

Product Description

The first on our list of mini guitar pedals but one that should definitely be on this list of best budget reverb pedal. There has been a big demand for mini/micro pedals over the past few years with users finding the size perfect for creating pedal boards that don’t take up the whole stage!

Features reverb sounds including: Spring, Plate, Room, Hall, Echo and Space sounds, meaning any possible reverb sound is available to dial in for your requirements.

True bypass design meaning no tone loss and ultimate control over your sound.

Metal chassis for durability and even a cloth bag included to keep it dust free, ammoon are new on the scene but we have included this pedal for it’s range of sounds and we are sure it will not disappoint.

  • Spring, Plate, Room, Hall, Ducking Sounds
  • Magnalium Alloy Housing
  • Level, Time, Waveband, Level/Wet Knobs
  • 9v Power Supply
Pros and Cons

Comes with gig bag

√ Solid metal chassis

√ Great for space saving pedalboards


× Some people may not like the small size

  • Design 90%
  • Functionality 93%
  • Cost 95%
  • This Sound Rating 93%

Biyang Rv-10 

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Product Description

Biyang pedals will fool you in a blindfold test to make you think they are worth three times the price. A far eastern company with a great selection of quality metal construction pedals.

Using German WIMA capacitors and sealed, dust proof pots, they certainly haven’t used cheap components.

Features Blend, Time, Reverb Mode toggle switch and A/B toggle switch.

Don’t let the Chinese brand name put you off, these are very well reviewed products which will stand the test of time.

  • Super Bright LED, True Bypass Design
  • German WIMA Capacitors
  • Blend, Time, Reverb, A/B controls
  • 9v Power 
Pros and Cons

Quality German capacitors

√ Solid metal construction

√ Decent price


× Some reports of issues with leads, but only a small minority of users

  • Design 85%
  • Functionality 86%
  • Cost 90%
  • This Sound Rating 87%

Joyo JF-317 Space Verb 

Check price on Amazon

Product Description

When it comes to mini guitar pedals Joyo are certainly at the forefront of the new influx of these types of products.

Probably the most versatile compact pedal on the market, the Joyo JF-317 comes complete with 4 reverb modes: Room, Hall, Church and Plate, meaning any possible variation of reverb is available to dial in.

A big difference in this pedal to any other reverb pedal in this price bracket is the ability to use a buffered bypass meaning that your crafted reverb sounds will trail off rather than stop when you turn the pedal off. This is great to blend from this effect to the next.

Joy have steadily been producing great mini pedals now for a number of years and this is no exception, the versatility and design will ensure this stays in your pedalboard for years to come.

  • Buffered bypass
  • Room, Hall, Church and Plate reverb types
  • Great design with settings cover
  • Velcro and rubber fittings included
Pros and Cons

Hard cover to protect knobs

√ Popular name in mini pedals

√ Great sounds


× A bit pricey for a mini pedal

  • Design 94%
  • Functionality 89%
  • Cost 87%
  • This Sound Rating 93%

Donner Verb Square Digital Reverb 

Check price on Amazon

Product Description

We had to include this pedal if only because it’s named after our favourite kebab! (yes I know it has 2 n’s!) Food references aside, this is a great little reverb unit and makes our list due to having 7, yes 7 reverb modes and all for no more than the cost of 7 kebabs! (Ok i’ll stop now).

Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Plate, Studio and Mod reverb sounds sets this apart from most pedals in this range, there won’t be a reverb sound that this pedal cannot recreate for you.

Metal chassis and solid components mean this little beauty will last you years of gigging abuse. It also features true bypass meaning you can get a pure unaltered sound direct to your amp.

This is a great pedal with such versatility and great looks with a solid construction, you will be hard pressed to find anything this cheap that performs this well.


  • 7 Reverb types
  • True bypass
  • Named after a kebab…
  • 3 function knobs
Pros and Cons

√ Loads of reverb sounds

√ Small design fits easily in any pedalboard

√ Low price


× Might be a little small for some people

  • Design 86%
  • Functionality 90%
  • Cost 92%
  • This Sound Rating 89%

Ammoon Spring Reverb 

Check price on Amazon

Product Description

What we love most about this pedal, apart from the bargain price, is the looks. There’s just something cool about this, almost Peter Saville-esque (Factory Records graphic designer) in the minimalist barcode styling.

Unlike other pedals on this list, this only has 2 knobs to tweak, mix and dwell, and we like the fact that you don’t have to spend an afternoon messing about with the settings, just find the correct amount of reverb and dial it in.

Featuring true bypass for a clean signal to the amp and a bright LED.

If you don’t want to mess about for ages but want a great near bottomless depth of spring reverb sound then this is the pedal for you. And at this price, it’s a no brainer.


  • Low Noise and Near Bottomless Spring Reverb
  • 2 Knob Control For Easy Use
  • Metal Chassis and Great Classic Look
  • 9v Output
Pros and Cons

Individual Style

√ Simple 2 knob setup

√ Absolute bargain price


× Might be a little basic for some people

  • Design 96%
  • Functionality 82%
  • Cost 97%
  • This Sound Rating 92%

But which is our favourite?

All of these pedals provide something different to each other, and while we love the classic Marshall pedal our hearts are very much where our pedal board is…and that means there can only be one that we would choose, our best budget reverb pedal is……

Marshall RF-1 Reflector

The Marshall has the best build quality and a name that shouts quality. We also love the range of sounds this little puppy provides.

Reverb Effect 101

Buyers Guide

When it comes to purchasing a new pedal there are a few things to consider…

How much to spend
As you can see from our list, you can pick up a great reverb pedal for as little as £28.50 and can even go as high as £200 or more. The great thing about getting a budget reverb pedal is that you can always swap it out if the sound isn’t to your liking. The more expensive the pedal, in theory, the better the components and build quality will be, but more than often you are paying for the brand name. Any of these budget pedals would be a great addition to a pedal board. We will concentrate on the higher priced pedals in a different artice.
What type of reverb sound do you want?
There are 3 main types of reverb pedal, each with their own specific sound. These are:

  • Plate Reverb

The pedal uses a transducer to create a mechanical vibration from the electrical sound which vibrates a metal plate. The vibrations are then converted into an electrical wave and sent from the pedal to the amp.

  • Spring Reverb

The most commonly used reverbs built into amplifiers. You can often hear the springs bounce around if you knock into your amp. The sound is created by using a transducer to turn the electrical sound into a mechanical one. These are often used in amps because of the relatively low cost and great sound.

  • Digital Reverb

Commonly used in small pedals. Circuitry is used to provide a representation of different types of reverb sounds. And though not as authentic sounding as it’s predecessors, they are becoming much better at the replication of classic reverb sounds. More and more bands you watch will have a Boss Digital Reverb Pedal somewhere in their set up these days.

9v or Battery, or both?
It stands to reason that having both options is always the best way to go. If you are only ever given the choice of one or the other then 9v power supply is the way forward. Most pedalboards these days use a chained power supply meaning you only need to plug the main power supply at the end of the chain into the plug socket to save the hassle of plugging each pedal in individually, and of course batteries run out..
Construction Material
Most pedals these days are constructed of metal whether cheap or not, which is a great thing in my opinion. Pedals don’t just look better in metal, but last longer too. We have added one plastic constructed pedal to our list above, and while we would usually sway away from plastic, the pedal more than makes up for it in it’s functionality. It’s also important to get a good solid stomp switch and quality knobs.
We have seen an influx of smaller pedals from China over the past few years meaning the ability to add a good number of them to a smaller pedal board. Be aware that you may not get on with small pedals, it can be tricky to get them to stay on a pedalboard sometimes, and can also prove a little harder to stomp on than the larger pedals. Reverb pedals can go from the very small all the way up to the very large, and depends on budget and preference.


As you can see there are plenty of options available at this price range and it really is worth considering opting for one of the newer Chinese made pedals, they really do design them well and use quality components. So if you are looking for the best budget reverb pedal it all depends on what type of sound you are looking for, so our favourite pedal may be totally different to yours based on needs. Take your time to check out the youtube videos for each model to get an idea of the sound each of them will produce.

Please let us know if there are any pedals you think we have missed out on and we will do our best to update this list regularly.

John has been in and out of bands all his life, toured and recorded in some of the UK’s most prestigious venues and studio’s. Also worked on stage with some of the world’s biggest acts setting up amps and breaking down stages.

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