Cool Bass Guitar Accessories

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Bass, check. Amp, check. Lead, check!

Ok, so you might have all the main stuff but how’s your accessory selection looking?

Accessories make awesome add ons or gadgets, gifts or presents – they’re a cheap way of expanding your setup. Some accessories are pretty mundane but here, we have a list which covers some awesome cheap gear and items that you can add to your set up today.

Some of these cool bass guitar accessories may well prove a revelation! You won’t know until you give them a bash…


Here are the top 10 cool bass guitar accessories


D’Addario PW-CT-17BK Eclipse Tuner – Black

Great tuner from a world renowned name in the tuner field

Nux GP-1 Headphone Amp

Awesome headphone amp to play you bass anywhere

Yakamoz Portable Hand Grip Trainer

A great grip trainer and hand exerciser for bass and guitar players

Electric Bass Guitar Fretboard and String Cleaner

Low cost solution to cleaning your bass frets and strings

Fast Fret String Cleaner

Industry standard fret and string cleaner

Fender Custom Shop Tool Kit

Quality tool kit from the best in the business – Fender

Fretnote Stickers

Great stickers for bass to help you learn notes

Ammoon Transmitter

Transmits your bass signal wirelessly

IK Multimedia iRig

Turn your iphone or Mac into a recording studio effortlessly

Elagon Bass Strap

Top quality bass strap

D’Addario PW-CT-17BK Eclipse Tuner – Black

Product Description

Let’s start with a mundane one…Tuners are a must and though they come in several different forms ranging from built-in amp tuners to pedal tuners, the headstock tuner is a valuable item for chucking in your gear bag or studio box.

D’Addario is a highly reputable and world famous brand and this tuner delivers top quality at a cheap price. It’s highlight is its colourful high-visibility display which can be moved 360 degrees for use on both right and left handed guitars. It works brilliantly and you can count on it even when there’s a reasonable level of background noise.

Nux GP-1 Headphone Amp

Product Description

Ever wanted the ability to play without creating any noise at all? Neighbours insultingly sensitive to noise? Well, there is still hope..

Headphone amps plug directly into your bass guitar’s output, enabling you to listen to your playing quietly on your own headphones. This particular headphone amp is really cheap, compact and it does just work. It is designed for guitar but it’ll work on bass, though you will just need decent headphones to produce the low-end effectively.

Yakamoz Portable Hand Grip Trainer

Product Description

Fingers feeling the strain of slapping the bass? Invest in a finger strengthener to improve your playing technique and dexterity.

Finger exercisers can improve finger and wrist strength, dexterity and endurance. They work on a simple premise; you simply use one routinely in your free time whenever you have a minute or two, whether in front of your PC, making a cup of tea, traffic jams, etc. After exerting your finger and wrist muscles with one of these devices, playing bass will feel lighter and more fluid. If you’ve ever envied those with true bass player hands then this device will bring you a little closer!

Electric Bass Guitar Fretboard and String Cleaner

Product Description

Dirty bass? Give it a clean with this specially designed cloth system. It’ll degrease and dust your fretboard and clean your strings.

This simple device allows for the efficient cleaning of a bass guitar’s fretboard and strings. It’s pretty straightforward really, just tuck it under and give your bass a good old rub. It’s not exactly glamorous but it beats using non-purpose built cloth and tissues.

Fast Fret String Cleaner 

Product Description

If you’re looking for a quicker action then lube up your sticky bass with GHS. It’ll slicken your strings and fretboard allowing you to maneuver yourself up and down the neck with ease.

A perfect partner to the fretboard cleaner, this lubricant reduces fret and string friction for quicker playing, particularly useful for chord heavy playing or bass slides. It’s certainly not to everyone’s taste but with 20 years plus under their felt, GHS have built a massive group of dedicated customers which won’t leave for a gig without this product.

Fender Custom Shop Tool Kit

Product Description

Want to get to grips with DIY repairs and customisation? This Fender toolkit contains guitar-specific tools for the job.

Some day, the urge may come over you to rip parts out of your bass and upgrade or replace them if they’re broken/ Repairs and customisations aren’t cheap so the sooner you get to grips with it, the more money you’ll save over the course of a lifetime. This toolkit contains a 4 in 1 screwdriver, allen keys / hex keys, a diagonal cutter, a guitar string winder, ruler, feeler gauges and even a capo.

Fretnote Stickers for Bass

Product Description

These simple stickers can be attached to any bass’ fretboard allowing newbies to learn scales and chords whilst playing.

Designed for right-handed guitars with standard EADG tuning, these stickers attach to your guitar’s neck displaying key info about notes, scales and chords. They’re durable, frictionless and don’t get in the way of playing. A perfect gift for young bass players.

Ammoon Wireless Transmitter

Product Description

This interesting little gadget probably isn’t up to the task of transmitting audio in big live situations but it’s a cool gigging, creative or studio gadget.

This wireless transmitter and receiver system replaces your guitar lead. It transmits your bass audio over a distance of around 50m, so long as there are no obstacles in the way. The realistic working range without fear of dropouts or interference is probably much shorter but that’s ok, it still makes a great tool for jamming out wirefree.

IK Multimedia iRig

Product Description

Here’s a real game changer. This amazing little bit of kit functions as a pocket sized interface, turning your iPhone or Mac into a guitar studio.

This device is deceptively simple. It features an input for your bass, a headphone output and a line-in for iPhones, iPads or iPod touches. You then download an app from the iTunes store which enables you access to tons of FX, amp racks and even a 4-track recorder! Check for compatibility first, it should work on most portable Apple devices but it only works on the newest Macs.

Elagon Bass Strap

Product Description

Bass straps get more important the more you use your instrument, grabbing an awesome strap can improve your posture and playing style.

There is obviously a huge range of straps available online but this highly adjustable strap with awesome padding seems to differentiate itself in terms of features, quality and price. It’s also available in a staggering 25 colours and styles!


There’s tons of cool accessories to explore your playing with and some are real game changers. Take the iRig system, it’s innovative, allows for recording and playing with FX and amp simulators and it’s really cheap for what it is. In fact, it’s possible to grab a host of these accessories for just £50 or so. Whether for yourself or as a gift, these cool bass guitar accessories provide creative scope and practical use.
Sam is an audio and music production graduate, he has worked in live audio, studio production, sound design and videography.

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Cool Bass Guitar Accessories

Bass, check. Amp, check. Lead, check! Ok, so you might have all the main stuff but how’s your accessory selection looking? Accessories make awesome add ons or gadgets, gifts or presents - they’re a cheap way of expanding your setup. Some accessories are...

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