Dodgy: Gear Breakdown

I recently caught up with one of the UK’s most succesful acts from the 90’s to discuss their gear they are using on their current ‘Homegrown’ tour.

by | Mar 11, 2019

Hey Nigel, so explain a little about what guitars and amps you are using at the moment.

Ok so i’ve got a Gretsch going into a Vox amp. It’s a reissue Vox, I have got an AC15, an old one but it’s too unreliable, but this is lovely I really recommend this one.
Sometimes I mess around with pedals so i’ve got lots of things like this at home, but this is like an old bread board, so I thought rather than buying a proper pedal board i’ll just chuck some velcro on the bread board and sneaked it out of the house one morning!

The Strymon is a delay effects pedal which is a bit of a tricky one to use live but it’s good fun for when there’s spacial things, and I love the mix so you can go into total ambiance.

And then a Vox simulator pedal, which I basically use as a gain pedal, it’s got that kind of buzz sound, I like a buzz sound, but it’s kind of controlled.

I also have an Electro Harmonix Superego which holds whatever note you play, and it does quite interesting things especially if you send it into a tremolo and you have a gate effect, then things can start getting interesting and you can start working in different dimensions.

I tend to use the acoustic more, so moving on to that. My normal acoustic is an Auden, but I broke the pickup the other day so this is my spare, this is a Seagull, which is really nice, a Seagull Performer.

Next, to Andy, Dodgy’s lead guitarist….

What guitar do you use mostly?

On tour i’m using the old Telecaster guitar which was used on the ‘Staying out for the summer’ video’s, which is the guitar I use for all of that album and the 90’s actually.

For pedals I use an overdrive the DS-1, Electro Harmonix Cathedral (reviewed in our best budget reverb pedals article) I’ve got this little Mooer pedal that has shit loads of sounds in it, a gate, a phaser and a vibrato, loads of things.

I have the Electro Harmonix POG pedal which I usually use to make my guitar sound like a 12 string. Also a Boss wah, which has a great range and a great tone change, rather than the dunlop ones which don’t really do it for me.

A DC brick, pretty sturdy and has lasted me a good few years. Lastly a digital delay. It’s all pretty standard stuff, I haven’t gone too mad.

So what amp are you going through?

Ok so I use this Marshall amp. I used to have a Hiwatt, which was huge and a right pain in the arse carting it around, but this thing is pretty cool. It was actually from a band I was in the early 2000’s and somehow its come into my possession. It’s a Valvestate, bog standard (Guitar tech chirps up – ‘it’s far from bog standard, they don’t make them like that anymore!)

On to the keys player…

This thing is cool by the way, what’s this all about? (I point to the VW keyboard ‘enclosure’)

Yeah so this is a custom keyboard enclosure, it’s going to be a bar in Nigels house.

Nigel – yeah it’s cool isn’t it, the guy is going to build me a smaller one I think because this is a bit big.

So yeah i just use a Nord Stage 3, there’s nothing fancy going on. It’s good for being able to split Hammond sounds and Piano sounds, so all the song sounds are programmed into this. Each song has maybe 2 or 3 different presets.

I have an Allodi 72 Bass Accordion, which i’ve had for about 20 years. I got a Christmas bonus at the end of 1997 and bought this!

We don’t use any sort of sequencers or anything onstage, it’s just all live really. Because we don’t have any live brass players on this tour I had to record all the brass parts in pro tools and sample it bit by bit to play it live.

What is the bass player using?

He’s using a Fender P bass, which is quite new. Before that he was using some crappy old thing.

For the amp he uses a flip top Ampeg, which is great because the top flips over and protects it. It’s a lovely looking amp, it was the go to amp in the 90’s but then they got a lot of bad press.

The drummer joins us on stage….

Yeah my drums, it’s the same company as Marshall, Natal, based in Milton Keynes, they called me up, said do you want to get sponsored and so I said yes. There was so many different types of wood, ash maple, walnut, so I didn’t have a clue which one to go for. So I rang them up and said what’s the most expensive one, i’ll have that.

Funnily enough the guy from the Manics has exactly the same kit in the same size and finish!

So with that, Dodgy left to get ready for the show. It was great to see the band back on top form playing some of their greatest hits to a big crowd in Cardiff. They sounded absolute superb that evening proving the old adage (that I invented) that the 90’s really was the last great music era.

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John has been in and out of bands all his life, toured and recorded in some of the UK’s most prestigious venues and studio’s. Also worked on stage with some of the world’s biggest acts setting up amps and breaking down stages.